Royal Duyvis Wiener BV winner Best Apprenticeship Scheme 2013

We are proud to announce that Royal Duyvis Wiener BV has been awarded: “Best Apprenticeship scheme 2013” by Kenteq, the knowledge and advice centre for technical educations.
Royal Duyvis Wiener BV has been awarded this title in the category of large companies in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland.

The jury stated: Training professionals is at the very heart of this company. One third of the total workforce itself once started as apprentice. The versatility of work at Royal Duyvis Wiener BV, grant many opportunities for students to develop themselves in a broad technical range. Students receive intensive supervision and training by a mentor, team coordinator and a workplace trainer.

“The involvement of Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V. in the care of trained professionals goes beyond offering BOL and BBL – apprenticeships,” said jury chairman Luc van der Veen of Kenteq.” Members of the board and management participate in various partnerships for technical education and technical companies, to ensure a high-level of knowledge exchange.”

Because of this election Royal Duyvis Wiener BV, has been selected by Kenteq for the national cross-sector elections: Best Learning Netherlands.