Two o’clock, a long line queued outside the premises of Royal Duyvis Wiener, eager to enter its factory and experience the world of chocolate. 2500 people where treated with a view of our Technology Centre, machine construction sides and the Duyvis history. Children delighted in Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompa’s from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the green screen, the make-up corner and the large amount of sweets.

On January the 28th and 29th, Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V., one of the leading manufacturers in cocoa and chocolate processing equipment celebrated the opening of their new Technology Centre in Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands.

Technology Centre, Koog aan de Zaan

Duyvis Wiener: On Thursday 28th of January we celebrated the expansion of our production facility, our modernized offices, and our 130th anniversary with 400 guests from over 40 countries that joined us at the opening of our brand new centre for research and development.
The Technology Centre comprises Duyvis Wiener processing equipment, suitable for trial and product development. Here, customers are able to test and analyse the development of their new products. Whether chocolate, cocoa or nuts, trails can be performed, methods and recipes tested in the 2000 m2 lab fitted with state-of the art cocoa and chocolate processing equipment. Our team of food experts, process and design engineers work side by side to analyse taste, rheology, capacity, energy, and optimise performance in collaboration with our clients. Our technology centre for cocoa, chocolate and nuts welcomes everyone with a genuine interest in technology and development.

With the opening of the Dutch Technology Centre for cocoa, chocolate and nuts, a huge step has been made for Royal Duyvis Wiener in the growth and development of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group that comprises Thouet, Lehmann, Jafinox and Log5. As we strive towards the centralization, innovation and development of the joint capabilities of the Group and its companies.

The opening of our pilot plant was performed by the famous Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers and Royal Duyvis Wiener’s CEO Mirjam van Dijk. The astronaut Kuipers’ delighted us with his insights on space, technological and environmental challenges, as well as the success of international collaboration.  On Friday 29th, family members, relatives and neighbours joined us in a tour of our factory.