The foodie culture has led experience-driven customers to explore the gourmet food-scape. With concepts of ethical luxury – the demand for premium chocolate is on the rise. Artisan chocolate makers offer exciting new products, with their treats comprised of superior ingredients, creative new concepts and great taste experiences. Educating their consumers is part of the new marketing strategy. The latest food revolution has increased customer awareness of flavour, health benefits and sustainable practices. “Chocolate consumers want to indulge in great taste sensations and want to know what they’re eating”. Popular trends in chocolate are the single origin beans, innovative flavour experience, and organic ingredients.

Flavour trends

Single origin cocoa, and fruit and herbs stand out. The Candy Industry cites: Fruits like melon, cranberry, lime, blackcurrant, elderberry, pomegranate and goji-berries as popular. New flavour combinations such as pomegranate with white tea or lavender, mango cilantro, pineapple tarragon and lemon basil are real crowd-pleasers. Smokey flavours: roasted peppers, smoked salt, and burnt caramel.


New take on the classics

Capture the indulgence of a crème brule, toffee-fudge, hazelnut torte, or mint coulis -bourbon, whiskey, champagne or wine.


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