Flex Tempering

Our Flex Tempering machine is our most flexible solution for tempering, moulding, and enrobing. The flex Tempering machine comes with a vibratory table, and can be accessorized with a Flex dropping tool and enrobing machine.



During production, the tempering machine is automatically filled by the buffer tank that feeds the depositor. This continuous product flow avoids interruptions and fluctuations in the production process. The temperature of the chocolate is controlled by the continuous pre-crystallizer, which ensures a constant product temperature and therefore a homogeneous product.



  • Material in stainless steel
  • Capacities: 30kg/h or 250 kg/H
  • Touchscreen control with resolution of 0,1C
  • Internal cooler
  • Couple vibratory table with heat and temperature control


  • Flex dropping tool, heated and suitable for different moulds
  • Flex enrober

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30 kg Batch or 250 kg/H


Flex dropping, Flex dropping & Flex Enrober, Flex enrober, None