Longitudinal Conche

For conching chocolate of the highest quality, the renowned technology of the Longitudinal Conche is proven to be the conche for superior product result. Its traditional process upgraded with modern technology combines an accurate temperature control and removal of volatile acids.




The longitudinal conche is often used when taste has higher priority than capacity. The traditional technology, improved with modern temperature controls, and exhaustion, provides excellent flavour development and the extraction of undesired volatile acids.



  • Material in contact with product in Stainless steel
  • Logitudinal conche technology with roll for shear force
  • Digital temperature control with PT-100 sensor, 0,1C resolution in PID logic
  • Electrical heater 0,5 kW
  • Engine 0,12 kW
  • Micro-exhaustion removes volatiles


  • Customized colour

Additional information


3 kg, 250 kg, 800 kg


Customized Colour, None