Chocolate Cascade

Show off with a smooth flow of chocolate. Popular among shops, restaurants and events is our chocolate cascade. The elevation spin collects the chocolate from the base transporting it to the top and discharging the vertical flow of chocolate at a smooth angle, resulting in a cascade effect. The chocolate cascades can be placed side by side for a stunning visual effect.



Simple, easy to operate. Place your chocolate in the bottom tank and switch on the machine. The heater, warms the tank and melts the chocolate. The elevation spin transports the chocolate along heated pipes to the top, at which the chocolate is then discharged from 2 meters height into a smooth continuous flow of chocolate.

Our Chocolate cascade can be used with high viscosity chocolate (high percentage of cocoa) and compound without the need to add additives.



  • Capacity 22 kg (min 20kg)
  • Easy transport, comes with wheels
  • ¬†Industrial components
  • Sensor on door to protect operator
  • Polished steel surface
  • Low energy consumption
  • Digital temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Fan removes heat from electrical components
  • Robust construction of surface in stainless steel (AISI 304 & 430) / Spin in SAE-1020 steel/Shaft SAE-1045 Steel with hardness treatment
  • Chocolate capacity 22kg with recommended minimum of 18kg
  • Motor power 1,5kW WEG
  • 3 Electrical heaters 150kW each (situated at the bottom) to melt the chocolate
  • 2 electrical heaters along the pipe of 150kW each



  • Flow stop, timer with flow stop of 5 sec, creates a nice visual effect
  • Vibrastop prevents vibration.


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1 Single Cascade, 2 Double Cascade, 3 Wall Cascade