Sequential sieve winnower

Efficient separation of skin and shells from nibs. Sequential sieves clean the beans without the risk of damage to nibs. (Roasted) cocoa beans are fed into the adjustable feed and broken by a hammer mill with adaptable angle, intensity and speed. After breaking, the shells are separated from the cracked nibs: variable amplitude of the sequential vibratory sieves thrash the cracked beans, whilst intensity controlled suction columns draw off the shell residue into the cyclone.



Compact winnower with silo, separates in 5 sizes. Full parameter control of vibration and suction enables efficient separation of skin and shell residue. Easy to modify the speed and intensity of the hammer mill. Adjust angle and intensity of each suction column individually, regulate volume and control feed: to suit your requirements. The winnowed nibs exit at the bottom while residue is collected into the silo.



  • Stainless steel
  • Capacities 60kh/H & 120 kg/H
  • Fragmented by hammer mill
  • Separation in 5 sizes by vibratory sieves with mechanical vibration of 250 W
  • Unblocking of sieves with non-toxic spheres
  • Suction provided by cyclone
  • Controllable suction position, angle, intensity
  • Variable feed with potentio-meter
  • Mechanical switch to protect operator
  • Complete access for cleaning
  • UL/CE components approved

Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 898 × 1447 × 1914 mm

120 kg/H, 60 kg/H