Single Shaft Dry Conche

The single shaft conche for high cpcpacities reduces the moisture of the chocolate batch while removing volatile and undesired flavours. The single shaft provides a good and permanent exchange of chocolate particles between the rotors to produce a chocolate with excellent rheological quality.

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Suitable for all types of chocolate. The single shaft conche for high capacity achieves high efficiency and uses high shear. The conche has a specially designed blade for perfect shear distribution and effective mixing. Speed and rotation are frequency controlled. Water and chocolate temperature is monitored by a PT-100 sensor.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity 500 kg/Batch
  • Single shaft with Thouet traditional design provides mixing clockwise conching counter-clockwise with shear force
  • Digital temperature control of chocolate with PT-100 sensor, resolution of 0,1C in PID logic
  • Digital temperature control of water with PT-100 sensor, resolution of 0,1 in ON/OFF logic
  • Electrical heater of 2kW
  • Engine of 4hp
  • Micro-exhaustion on cover to remove volatiles
  • Natural exhaustion by open cover/lid (grill)

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500 kg