Lab Conche

The  Lab Conche is a simple but effective solution for the production of chocolate. Suitable for small batches and laboratory testing.



The Lab Conche can be used for all types of chocolate. It has a special design for clockwise mixing and counter clockwise conching with shear stress that provide a perfectly homogeneous mass. No additives are required to produce the finest chocolate.



•    Material in contact with product, made in stainless steel
•    Capacity: 10 kg/Batch
•    Single shaft mixes clockwise and conches counter-clockwise with shear force
•    Digital temperature control with PT-100 sensor, resolution of 0,1C in PID logic
•    Temperature sensor monitor water and product
•    Electrical heater 1,2kW
•    Engine 3hp
•    Micro-exhaustion fitted to cover removes volatiles
•    Natural exhaustion by open lid/grill

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10 kg