Wheel Tempering

Our wheel tempering machine, tempers your chocolate through the rotation of a steel disc and includes a vibratory table.


  • Obtain pre-crystalization of cocoa butter present in the chocolate, by addition of chocolate solids to reduce and obtain tempering temperature.
  • Capacity 40 kg tank on tank and 2 (two) 30 kg heating vessels located at the bottom part of the machine
  • Material in contact with product in steel AISI 304
  • Consists of eletric heated tank, temperature control provided by digital control PID over chocolate temperature
  • Removable vessels manufactured on steel AISI 304 with electric heater to be used as heating and melting storage.
  • Digital temperature control ON/ OFF
  • Circulation by rotation steel disc with a directional scraper made in AISI 304
  • Traction system with speed variation
  • Individual control panel PID controller with resolution of 0,1C
  • Included vibratory table.